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Leather Furniture Cleaning

in Yorkshire


We deliver best leather cleaning results

using only professional leather cleaning methods.


Our leather cleaning procedure:

Your leather furniture is thoroughly examined. We define type of leather, its condition and level of soiling and any existing damages


Treatment preparation. All the dust and dirt particles are carefully wiped to prepare a leather surface for cleaner application.


Manual cleaning. Professional cleaner removes soils and dirt sitting in leather pores restoring the original color of furniture.


Conditioning, moisturising and polishing. At this step leather absorbs conditioners, leather pores are filled with moisture which makes your furniture look shiny and soft again.

Leather furniture along with being bringing remarkable comfort requires special regular care. As the time passes your furniture slowly loses its shine and softness.

Our experinced crew is trained to handle any color and type of leather. Any stains or dirt is professionally cleaned not causing any harmful side effects.



Trust Cleaner will make your beloved piece of furniture well maintained and attractive again.


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