At Trust Cleaner, we believe

a cleaner home is a healthier home.

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We offer excellent value service and our pricing rules are fair and clear with no hidden costs. 

How to have carpets and upholstery cleaned in Yorkshire?

It has never been easier!!!

In some situations, it’s best to let an expert take a look. 

Trust Cleaner provides several cleaning services including carpet, upholstery, curtains, rugs,  and mattress cleaning and sanitisation.

No excess moisture to shorten the drying

time as much as it possible

limited use of water


no wait to dry


no unpleasant smell


great final effect


safe to fibres



removes 95% of common household allergens


completely dry in 2-3 hours


great final effect where surface haven't been cleaned for a long time 






Bad Smell Removal

Urine Odour & Stains Removal

Bad accident? We can't predict & control everything but...

Again, Trust Cleaner is an answer!


Stain Removal

Mattress cleaning & sanitisation

Rug Cleaning

StainGuard protector

How much does it cost? 


You Will Be Surprised To Know That It Cost So Little!


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Our technicians are one of the most experienced carpet cleaning specialists in Leeds. They are prepared for any situation. Well equipped, always with backup. 

You love your dog or cat, but you don’t love how he smells?

Maybe your puppy is still marking territory?

TRUST CLEANER - your carpet cleaner - comes with help every day!


You will be satisfied with the final result

or you will get your money back. 

Step II 



Once we’re armed with a little more knowledge, we’ll be able to give you an accurate price over the phone, check our availability, and book your cleaning appointment.


It only takes a 2 min phone call for us to find out everything we need to know, provide a quote, and book your appointment.

If we need to visit your property, a free, zero hassle, in-person quotation takes just 10 minutes of your time.


We always try our best to match the date of the work to your exact requirements.



And that’s it… 

Next step: We visit you and we choose one of cleaning methods suitable for you




Step I 



Calling us to make an appointment or get a quotation over the phone couldn’t be easier.


First, make a note of the rooms and furnishings that you wish to be cleaned.


If you are able to measure the length and width of your room – brilliant – if not, don’t worry, just let us know the average size of the rooms (small, medium, large, how many steps etc).


It is also helpful if you can identify the type of carpet (wool or man-made) and describe any obvious, troublesome stains if you know their origin. 


With upholstery or leather, simply let us know how many seats you require to be cleaned, and again, if there are any obvious stains you’re concerned about.









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