The most common question I hear is: Do they work? We recently cleaned carpet in a home that houses two adults, a teenager, and two dogs. The initial carpet cleaning took some work but when completed 3M Scotchgard was applied to protect the carpets. About a year later it was time to clean their carpets again; this time it was amazing how easily the soil released itself from their carpet – all due to the carpet protector that was applied on the last visit.

Carpet protectors such as 3M Scotchgard cannot make soil, food or drink hover six inches above the carpet, but it does provide you with the necessary time to clean up a spill before it can become a permanent stain.


Carpet protectors guard against two things – “Soiling” and “Staining”. Does that mean that a protected carpet or sofa cannot be stained or become soiled? Of course not; protectors improve the release of spills, soils, and dust.


If coffee or a coca cola is spilt on a protected area and left unattended to dry, the dyes from these spills will eventually seep through the protector and may stain the fabric; however if the surface is immediately cleaned with an appropriate spotter or by a professional cleaner, the chances are very good that all of the spills will be removed. Dust and soils are easier to remove (from protected carpets) when vacuuming.


Protected fibres essentially have a barrier to lessen the entanglement of abrasive soil within a carpet…thus vacuuming is far more productive. This means you reduce the wear and tear and the abrasive effects of soil within your carpet. With routine maintenance, a protected carpet will last longer than unprotected carpet.


Are protectors perfect? No

Do they wear off? Yes

Do they need re-application? Yes

Can they increase the life span of carpet and fabrics? Yes

Do they keep your carpets or fabrics from ever getting dirty? NO!


The bottom line is that carpet protectors give you a greater chance of cleaning soil or spills than you would otherwise have without a protector. Almost all new carpets now come with a protector to help prevent staining or premature wear.


Just as you apply wax to your cars’ finish to protect it from the elements and keep it looking new so should you protect your carpets’ finish by having a protector applied after it has been professionally cleaned.


While no protectant is bullet-proof they will allow you a window of time to remove spots and stains. By protecting the fibers from abrasive soils you will be rewarded with a longer over-all carpet life.


Do Carpet Protectors work?

24 April 2019

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